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An inspiring international conference on discovering new insights, challenges and opportunities for education, youthcare and the future inflow of work. For professionals who want to keep on traveling in their life and work with young people!

Not from yesterday ... ....

Changes in our society are being made in an ever faster pace and the complexity of the presented issues is also increasing. Internationalization, communication technology and information exchange are well known examples. Less and less will we be able to provide the correct answers as an individual professional or independent organization. In addition, the consumer or client asks a quick reply more often. Preferably right now.


Potential use ... ..

Also in raising children, education, (judicial) youth care and employment inflow we become more and more aware. If we want to give adequate answers we will have to work together more and more effectively with colleagues, chain partners, family and parents. Especially the children, young pupils and students, who are involved in the issues we face, we have to learn to use as keys to the solutions. Learning to use them, since we are not accustomed to that fact, and we are not good at it yet. Because .... "Complex questions we can only solve the collective intelligence of all who are concerned," says Tex Gunning, CEO of AkzoNobel. The reverse chain approach learning to realize, were the intelligence, energy, creativity, learningability and entrepreneurship of young people can be put to use in a really valuable way might be our greatest task as a contemporary professional.

Trackless paths ... ..

During this conference we want to walk along the trackless path, gain new insights together, get new relationships for mutual enrichment and above all to find out what the future is revealing us.

We therefore invite not only our own circle of experts. We go for fresh, innovative insights from other disciplines to broaden our horizons.

We invite experts who can tell us what about multiple intelligence, about how the street culture in our schools and youthcare is present, about the reversed chain approach and the use of comtemporary forms of communication, about collective intelligence and a lot more.

The conference aims to reflect the different types of intelligences of the participants, both in form and content. There is emphasis on experience, science, listening, doing, making, interaction and creativity. We also ask several people to make a contribution.

Program Broaden the Horizon

The program lasts six days and consists of three parts:

1. The international Study Visit from Monday 8th to Friday March 12th 2010.

2. The congress on March 10th 2010.

3. The Open Day of Sailing Ship De Tukker on Saturday, March 13th 2010.

Study Visit March 8th till March 12th, 2010

The Study Visit is only accessible to institutions and companies from neighboring European countries who have become 'partners'. Approximately 35 professionals take part in a program that is provided at various locations in Twente, a region in the East of Holland.

Congress March 10

The congress is accessible for everyone. The program includes three fascinating lectures in the morning, and a dozen high-profile workshops are offered in two rounds in the afternoon. There are also surprising and poignant interludes. The most current program can be viewed on the website www.broadenthehorizon.eu. There you can also download the program.

Open Day

The Open Day is mend for anyone who is interested into the ins and outs of De Tukker. Visitors can take a look at the ship, but also talk to the young people and the crew on board and learn all about the practice and lifestyle on board. We also would like to show that De Tukker is more than a three week trip. There is an information market of organizations who are working together with De Tukker in the field of youthcare, youth justice, labor participation and re-integration, will give information about those subjects, related to De Tukker. Further information is available on the website www.zeilschipdetukker.nl


Broaden the Horizon is co-financed by the European Commission and implemented by the Department of International Dutch Youth Institute, Youth in Action.

Youth in Action provides funding and support to European youth projects (www.youthinaction.nl).

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Jarabee - Sailing Ship De Tukker is a member of The European Institute of Outdoor Adventure Education and Experiential Learning (EOE) (www.eoe-network.org).

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Broaden the Horizon is an initiative of Jarabee - Sailing Ship De Tukker

2010, first edition

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